Get to know the team built to support your needs! The knowledge and expertise we bring to the table has always been our greatest asset. We are a team of industry subject matter experts; educators and business professionals with veterinary-specific experience.

Our team’s 100+ years of combined veterinary and business experience, and diverse backgrounds allow us to take a solution-oriented approach to helping your businesses and teams succeed and improve!

Aaron Eckler, Hon BSc MBA
Senior Director, Practice Services

Aaron entered the veterinary industry in 2012 after completing his MBA and working for several years in human medicine. He has engaged with hundreds of owners, managers and teams, supporting practice management and performance by improving their understanding of business fundamentals. He joined the team in 2020 with the goal of building out best-in-class support for practices, helping to provide tools and resources needed to empower owners and teams to keep their practices healthy, so that they can keep pets healthy. His mission is to build long-lasting relationships based on integrity, respect, and lasting value.

Senani Ratnayake, BSc RVT
Director of Learning and Engagement

Globally renowned consultant and speaker, Senani has received multiple awards for her contributions to veterinary medicine, including the 2021 RVTTC RVT of the Year. She has gained a unique perspective by working in practices, industry, and a corporate group while consulting. She joined the team in 2020 and is passionate about management, leadership, team building, communication, customer service and compliance. She is a popular coach and mentor for RVTs and DVMs who appreciate her authentic and honest approach to their success!

Shona Kowtecky, BSc DVM FFCP
Senior Manager, Practice Services

Shona is a Fear Free Certified DVM who graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College and has worked in the profession for almost two decades. Her diverse experience is shaped by years as a general practitioner, assistant medical director, and medical advisor in numerous hospitals, giving her a unique perspective on the dynamics of team interactions, client relationships, and communication. Shona joined the team in 2021 and takes a tailored and collaborative approach to support the specific needs of businesses and teams!

Lucie Langevin-Neil,
RVT ACC, CVPM, Strengthscope Practitioner
Strategic Advisor, Practice Services

Lucie is an RVT with over two decades of industry experience working in every position within practices aside from veterinarian! Lucie’s education also includes coaching and practice management. She joined the team in 2021 and has a passion for supporting practices with various management and operational needs, identifying meaningful, sustainable solutions to everyday challenges, and helping individuals unleash their full potential.

Jen Heron
Director of Business Development

Jen has a unique and diverse background that includes experience in dance, fitness, business, and veterinary practice management! Jen has always understood that the foundation of her success is the development of long-term relationships. She continues to leverage these to support the needs of our ever-changing industry! She has a soft spot for practice managers as she truly believes that helping them sharpen their skills and support their team allows them to build a stronger practice.

Andrea Adshade
Special Projects Manager

Andrea truly loves working in the veterinary industry. Before joining the team in 2016, she worked in wildlife rehab, equine, and in-clinic for ten years — first as a technician and then assistant manager in small animal practice. As a life-long learner, she is passionate about CE and loves being part of an environment that supports members' evolving needs through solid and trusting relationships. You'll get used to seeing Andrea pop up in your inbox with exciting new services and CE offerings!