Communication & Care: Essential for Excellence in Leading Veterinary Teams

A unique and innovative 4-session workshop for current & future veterinary leaders.

Strong Practices Have Strong Leaders

Developing leadership skills will elevate your team and your practice to new heights. This workshop series will be invaluable to owners, managers, team leaders or anyone within your practice who is holding a leadership role or aspires to lead in the future.




Sunday, November 3

Your Inner Leader

Dr. Jayne Takahashi will spend the day helping you understand who you are as a leader, leaders who inspire you, the importance of culture and vision, trust, influencing others, how to transition into a leadership role. From there, you will work on creating your own personal development plan. 

Friday, November 29

Leading Your Team

Dr. Takahashi returns for a day of evaluating emotional intelligence, understanding your team, shaping conversations, leadership competencies including delegating, coaching others are leading through times of change. The day will finish with you finalizing your team development plan.



Monday, November 4

Wellness for the Leader

Dr. Marie Holowaychuk spends day two with a focus on understanding wellness, resilience and reflection, why self-care i s important, self-assessment tools, what fosters and prevents self-care, understanding boundaries, saying no and the importance of daily debriefing. The day will end with the creation of your own, personal wellness plan.

Saturday, November 30

Wellness For Your Team

Dr. Holowaychuk reviews statistics regarding mental health and suicide in the field of veterinary medicine. She will help leaders recognize when intervention may be required, understand the biggest workplace stressors, identify toxic workplaces, help develop conflict resolution skills and foster team wellbeing.

Vet Alliance Members:
Full Conference (4 days) $800.00
Half Conference (2 days) $400.00

Non-Vet Alliance Members:
Full Conference (4 days) $1,000.00
Half Conference (2 days) $500.00

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Sunday, November 3   |   Monday, November 4
    Friday, November 29   |   Saturday, November 30


For more information, contact: 
Laura Stevens-Guille

1 (613) 816 0522