Our Premium Continuing Education Offering

Our guidED content is curated for Canadian independent veterinary practices by our Learning & Engagement Teams in partnership with leading veterinary subject matter experts.
Learning is divided into three sections:
1. Pre-Work
Pre-work is designed to ensure all attendees have the minimum knowledge required to gain the most value from our live events, and can range from completing a course on Octopoda (our learning management system) to collecting and evaluating data from your own practice.
2. Live Event
This component can be live or virtual, but is designed with a smaller group in mind (no conferences with thousands of attendees for us). This allows us to create a safe environment and give you the attention that you deserve. Live content usually includes a short lecture to open your mind to the possibilities, and then moves onto a workshop so you can strategize and plan how to implement newfound knowledge when you get home.
3. Follow-Up
About a month after the live event, we will invite you back for a live, virtual follow-up session with your subject matter experts. This is your opportunity to talk about your success and ask for help if you hit a roadblock. Attendees can share best practices of what worked for them, and also what tactics were less successful.

guidED 2021:

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so you can provide the best animal care while also thriving as a business.

Unlock Your Hospital's True Potential

October 23 & 24, 2021