Our Premium Continuing Education Offering

Our guidED content is curated for Canadian veterinary practices by our Learning & Engagement Teams in partnership with leading veterinary subject matter experts.
There are 3 experiences that encompass your complete journey through guidED. Your registration provides you with exclusive access to all three!
1. Integral Learning Experience
Receive access to materials on the Octopoda learning platform to review, absorb and complete in preparation of the conference. Completing this will position you for maximum success so that you are fully prepared when the conference begins.
2. Immersive Interaction Experience
Whether you join in-person or virtually, the program is designed to provide intensive learning, to build new skills that you can apply immediately.
3. Implementation Experience
Follow-up is the key when taking what you learned back to your practice, especially when you’re swamped with real-life issues. That is why guidED has designed post-conference meetings with our subject matter experts, to refocus, ask questions, and ultimately ensure you successfully implement the conference learnings in your-day-to-day.

guidED 2022:

We’re on a mission to empower and support Canadian veterinarian practices –

so you can provide the best animal care while also thriving as a business.

Talking about the financial aspects of practice can be daunting

— which is why we’re Taking the Fear Out of Your Financials!

Virtual guidED Financial Conference is Back by Popular Demand!

November 19th & 20th 2022

Virtual guidED Financial Conference is Back by Popular Demand!