Access to Unique Continuing Education Events

Your Vet Alliance membership provides access to a robust series of continuing education events:

Lecture Series

Invest in your staffby attending our lecture series.These events are complimentary to all staffat your hospital and cover a variety of topics that will be relevant to your entire team.

Medical Webinar Series

Hot topics in veterinary medicine will be covered in this series.Earn your CE credits by attending the on-line event or review the archived event at a later date on the Vet Alliance website. Complimentary to all staff at your hospital.

Workshop Series

Develop more sophisticated skills through our workshop series.These events are designed to help you enhance your skill level and provide in-depth training that will be immediately applicable to your practice. Fees apply, but Vet Alliance members receive a discount.

Owner & Manager Conference

A premium event developed to enrich your practice by exploring business opportunities and provide skills training to take your practice to the next level.This event is exclusive to members of Vet Alliance.