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BRAVECTO® ONE EFFICACY AGAINST FLEAS Treats and prevents flea infestations (Ctenocephalides felis) for one month.   BRAVECTO® ONE EFFICACY AGAINST TICKS Treats and prevents tick infestations for one month. Ixodes scapularis (black-legged tick)Dermacentor variabilis (American dog tick)Rhipicephalus sanguineus (brown dog tick)Amblyomma americanum† (lone star tick) View & Download Full Detailers Below Download Fluralaner Family Detailer Download Bravecto One Detailer Download Pet …

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Bravecto One Product Detailer BravectoONE Product Detailer-EN Bravecto One – Pet Parent Brochure BravectoOne – Pet Parent Brochure – EN Fluralaner Family Detailer Fluralaner Family Detailer- EN